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Victor Kowalczyk
a guitarist, composer, and former guitar teacher offers wide selection of new and used classical and flamenco guitars through his eBay store:


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Below are few of his home made recordings. They were made very simple way as part of "chronicle of ideas" and can be considered as "raw material" only. 

                              Victoriana 1     
                              Victoriana 2   
                              Victoriana 3   
                              Victoriana 4   
                              Victoriana 5   
                              Victoriana 6   
                              Victoriana 7   
                              Victoriana 8   
                              Victoriana 9     
                              Victoriana 10    
                              Victoriana 11
                              Victoriana 12
                              Victoriana 13 
                              Victoriana 14
                              Victoriana 15
                              Victoriana 16
                              Victoriana 17  
Victoriana 18  
Victoriana 19

Page "Duets" contains recordings of Victor's compositions designed for 2 guitar players.