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Victor Kowalczyk, a guitarist and composer, offers private guitar lessons for students of all ages, from beginner to advanced, in several “softer” styles of guitar art.  
Lessons are offered in Victor's home studio located in Alpharetta or at student’s residence if located in Alpharetta or neighbournig areas like Roswell, Johns Creek, Duluth, Cumming etc. Different schedules and financial arrangements are available.

Basic rates for "in studio" lessons are  $25/ per 30 min., $35 per 60 min., $50 per 90 min. Rates for the lessons in student's residence are negotiable and strictly realted to the distance and travel time. 

For students who live too far to attend lessons in person
on-line lessons (via Skype) are offered at the same "in-studio" rates.

Beginners are introduced to guitar basics, applicable in any style of music and for all kinds of guitars, including simple left and right hand techniques, simple chords, as well as the basics of reading sheet music and/or guitar tablature.
They are also advised and guided while shopping for their first guitar. Buying a guitar “look-a-like”, even quite expensive one, is usually first significant obstacle on the way to achieve any desired level of guitar mastery.  The most important factor for the beginner is guitar’s playability and this goal can be achieved at moderate price. If you have an older instrument, that besides restringing and tuning, requires
reseting and/or minor repairs, Victor has a lot of experience in that area.

Somewhat advanced students  are taught more advanced guitar techniques, including more extensive, left and right hand exercises leading to easier and more effective playing in any chosen style, using both:  finger and flat-picking. More advanced students are offered a course of music theory, different music scales and their appIications. In addition to guitar workbooks available on the market, students can also use Victor’s original written materials
allowing them for solo practicing at home.
All level courses include elements of classical, new flamenco, smooth jazz and latin guitar styles, as well as blues and classic rock.


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Victor was born and raised in Poland. He arrived to USA in 1994 and resides in Georgia since 2002 along with his wife and two young daughters.
During his Polish years, although not having any formal music education, he was an actively performing musician, member and later leader of several more or less professional acoustic guitar duos, blues-rock bands( playing base, rhythm and lead guitars)  composing and arranging many pieces. He was also an active guitar teacher. 
During his American years, he is performing only for friends and family. Playing for daughters at bed time is a must. And at this time, most of his recent compositions were born. That is why he has become more interested and concentrated on “softer” guitar styles and exclusively nylon string guitars. 

Below are few of his home made recordings. They were made very simple way as part of "chronicle of ideas" and can be considered as "raw material" only. They can, however, introduce Victor's guitar skills better then words and help you to decide if he could be your guitar teacher.

                              Victoriana 1     
                              Victoriana 2   
                              Victoriana 3   
                              Victoriana 4   
                              Victoriana 5   
                              Victoriana 6   
                              Victoriana 7   
                              Victoriana 8   
                              Victoriana 9     
                              Victoriana 10    
                              Victoriana 11
                              Victoriana 12
                              Victoriana 13 
                              Victoriana 14
                              Victoriana 15
                              Victoriana 16
                              Victoriana 17  
                              Victoriana 18  
                              Victoriana 19

To watch and listen to more of Victor's solo guitar pieces go to page "Videos". Page "Duets" contains recordings of Victor's compositions designed for 2 guitar players.